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Finding the Right Web Designer

Finding the Right Web Designer

How do you to find the right and elusive website designer?

Your company website is all what you have to grab the attention of clients and buyers online. The online visitor will spare only seconds of time to view your site. By that time your site must capture the visitor's attention. So, your website must display all the advantages and benefits oriented messages. This is a must to entice the visitor to buy your product or make a deal with your company. For this you must make sure a proven designer is building your website.

But how do you find your designer? Before recruiting the employees or before starting a work find out clearly what actually you need. You have to know the following,

  • Is it enough only to design or do you need it to be developed and programmed?
  • Is it a website or a blog?
  • The content to be displayed (is it a video or audio or image or documents)
  • Do you have a domain name or do you want the designer to get that for you?
  • Will you need a web host or is it available already?
  • How your design should look like?
  • What is your deadline and what is the pay for work?

You need to be prepared with this brief summary. Don't make it too long and vague; be precise on what you want. Sometime designer's skill may vary in degrees. Some maybe good in designing others may be good in developing and programming. So be sure in choosing the right one.

Three different ways to employ a designer,

Design Firm: They are expensive but are rich in skills and will take care of everything. It is not recommended to choose a design firm unless you are not clear with your own need or you have a big budget for this project. If you are not clear then you can handover this job to renowned design firm and stay cool.

Freelance Designer: They promise to give you the best result in cheapest way. You must hunt for the outstanding designer available. Various Directories and freelance job websites will provide you a list of individuals or companies who can provide you web design services.

Design Contest: Announce for a design contest with your requirement need as the theme for website design. You can pick the design that suits your need and prize them. For remaining feedbacks and certificates can be given. This is a cheap way and effective to generate outstanding results. When you are not sure about your design needs, this will provide you with plenty of ideas.

May it be designer from any one of above three means; you will have to evaluate them to check their expertise. Tips to do so,

  • Request for their portfolio to get an idea of their design skills
  • Check for their expertise in design, development and programming field. A good designer must have hands-on knowledge in all website designing related fields.
  • Know whether they are reputed designers, ask their past customers for feedback and check their account if they are active in social sites. Additionally, check comments, likes and fan following counts.
  • Do make sure that the designer is good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skill.

Now you will be able to choose the right designer after all this processing. See that you stay involved in work and give feedback to them. Maintain a rapport with the designer to ensure better working relationship and the result you look for.

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