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Logo Design Questions and Answers

Logo Design Questions and Answers

Included are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning logos and design.

Q: Does logo and design really matter? Does it affect the brand or perception of the company or is it just a pretty decoration?

A: A logo has a tremendous impact on business of any size however, in a single owner business it is often of incredible importance. A logo can make a business stand out. In the case of a sole ownership business, it makes it seem much more established and serious. This can make contract negotiations much easier as well as ease the sales process.


Q: What does the logo do for the business that makes it stand out?

A: The answer is right there; it makes a business stand out. It also communicates a message using colors, a simple picture or abstract that can be easily absorbed. It helps the business owner get a message across quickly.

A logo also is memorable and differentiates that business from any other. Standing out is a key to success in today's competitive business world.

Q: What harm can the wrong branding do? Will it hurt a company?

A: A logo is all about communication and if a logo is not used consistently across a company this can damage credibility. Using the same logo can establish a message consistently however using different versions can confuse potential clients.

Using the wrong visual representations can be harmful as well. If the company message is trust then using an icon to represent speed may not help the branding nor will it help establish the trust the business owner needs. Careful choices should be made in this area and then used consistently in marketing materials to avoid confusion.

Q: How will the design and logo help in sales?

A: It is true that first impressions count and the proper tag words, the proper impression and a logo that communicates the right message make that first impression quickly. The logo conveys a message to a large range of people who will easily be able to understand in those first critical moments when buying decisions are actually being made.

Q: Is corporate identity useful to a small business?

A: In particular, a single owner business may have problems being taken seriously and being seen as an entity apart from the business owner themselves. A corporate identity can help separate the business from the owner in terms of branding and make them seem more of an enterprise. The components are the logo, the tag lines, and the commonly used phrases, which establish the business itself as an entity.

Q: What is bad design or good design and what are their effects on sales for a business?

A: Good design will foster trust, understanding and will be easily memorable to the consumer. The positive effects of this will be brand familiarity and customer trust. The message the logo carries is easily understood by a wide range of potential customers and helps convey the message the business intended.

Familiarity with a brand will lead to more trust in the brand, and that leads to a better consumer relationship and consequently more sales.

Poor designs may be too confusing, too complex, carry an incorrect message or be inconsistent with the brand. This can actively inhibit the trust building process with customers and of course affect sales negatively.

Q: How can a business owner aide in the design process?

A: The business owner defines the company and from them the brand definition must come. A well-defined brand, which tells the designer exactly what makes that brand stand out, can only come from the business itself. This definition is crucial as it defines what message the logo and designs should give to the consumer.

When the logo and designs are done, then the business owner can utilize them best by using them. That means on all their materials so that the customer is not faced with one logo or design on a business card, and another on a web site or printed material.

Q: Is it difficult for a business to assess a logo objectively?

A: In most cases, yes looking at a logo and design from a customer's perspective can be extremely difficult for the business owner. Knowing their own business inside out, it may be hard to step outside and look at a logo or design from a customer's perspective who knows nothing of the business. However, this step is important in evaluating designs and making them more effective.

Q: Consistency - How Important is it?

A: Consistency is everything for a business that is beginning to establish their brand in the mind of consumers. Using the same marketing designs and logos, helps establish their name in the consumer's mind. Inconsistency makes this process harder and can actually work against the company.

Q: Are there graphic designs that just will not work?

Yes, some things can be classified as too wrong to work for a company.

Designs that convey no message are generally useless for a company. They say nothing and are usually forgettable.

Designs made by persons with no idea what a logo should do may fall under the former category and end up being meaningless or even conveying the wrong message.

Other errors such as a lack of consistency, or even a poor palette choice can hinder a company's efforts rather than assist.

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John Brown from says:
Tuesday January 01, 2013 12:18 PM
Thank you,

This is a very nice article.

I found all the information on your website very useful.
Mike Miller says:
Sunday February 03, 2013 06:27 AM
Excellent article

Please keep on updating this blog with this useful information.

I will be checking again for updates.

David Schwarzenegger from says:
Tuesday March 05, 2013 05:28 AM
Very good questions and answers.

I had a logo designed by a different company two years ago and it was a pure crap. It didn't look like they knew anything about logo design.

I just went through your portfolio and all the articles. I am impressed with the quality of work and prices. I will be giving you order to redesign my logo very soon.

I hope your customer service is just as good as everything else.


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