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Product Descriptions - How to do it Well

Product Descriptions - How to do it Well

Product descriptions are not just dry descriptions of the technical features of a particular item or service, although that is a component of a product description. However, technical details will not create the desire for the product in the consumer. Creating the desire and prompting the consumer to action is the goal of a product description.

Instead, a product description can be a mini pitch or a full blow sales pitch. That depends on the product and the purpose of the pitch. A sales pitch does not just describe the features of the product they describe the need, the circumstances that create the need, the pain endured by not having the product, the solution and of course, the desirable end, having the product.

The Problem That can be Solved

First, the background must be established and this is known as creating the context. Heating bills are rising and more and more consumers are turning down the thermostats to save on costs.

The Pain Caused by the Problem

Lower thermostats reduce the comfort level of the home and can leave the homeowners freezing in order to save fuel costs.

The Solutions That are Less Than Ideal for the Problem

Homeowners are wearing bulky sweaters, even coats, and even mittens indoors in order to stay warm.

Why is it Still a Problem?

Relaxing is difficult and the homeowners are either too cool or too hot in coats and manual dexterity is severely reduced by wearing mittens.

Your Product Can Solve the Problem

This is where your product description and benefits can be outlined. Green fueled room heaters are economical to run, will not pollute the environment and will keep a single room comfortable for the family without the need for heavy sweaters, coats and mittens.

How This Relates to Real Product Descriptions

This method is time honored in advertising, and at only a single point is your product and its benefits mentioned. However, by describing the issues, acknowledging the pain caused by the issues, and then explaining how current solutions fail and your product will work, you have successfully awareness, interest, desire and a call to action.

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mhrc says:
Sunday April 10, 2016 03:35 PM
Good tips that every webmaster should keep in mind.

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