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The 9 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Logo

The 9 Essential Characteristics of a Successful Logo

The proper choice of logo can mean more sales for the business. A logo which is memorable increases brand familiarity and credibility and that is the main function of a logo to make consumer's feel they "know" your business it hasn't just popped up out of nowhere. When selecting and utilizing a logo or design these nine questions can help you decide if this is a winning logo or design:

1. Does the logo have meaning?

Just as a business name should have some meaning so should the logo and it should reflect the goals and distinctiveness of a business. With the proper use of design elements, a logo can be a meaningful representation of your business goals and features.

2. How distinctive is the logo?

The owner of a business wants their business remembered and is separate from any of his competitors and a distinctive logo is an important feature. A logo, which is distinctly different, and yet still pleasing to the eye, can help your business stand out from your competitors.

3. Is this logo and design appropriate for use on all sales materials?

Using the logo throughout the sales presentation, on the business cards, on the mailing material will increase the effectiveness of the logo and designs and enhance branding in the consumer's mind. Using the design and logo consistently across the marketing material will enhance the effectiveness of the tools and bring them together in the customer's mind.

4. How professional is the design and logo?

Just as the business, office conveys a message of the level of professionalism in a firm, so does the logo and the designs used by a company in marketing themselves. A professionally done design, which uses the color palette, fonts, and icons chosen to send a message, conveys a high level of professionalism and this increases consumer trust.

5. How well will the design and logo endure.

Fads and trends really have no place in branding, and a logo that will age well and not look dated in a year or 10 years is essential.

6. Colors are not just about red green and blue - is this logo visible?

When choosing a logo, it is essential that it should please the eye and be memorable but it should also be printable in black and white and visible to persons who have color blindness. A high contrast logo is essential for both of these.

7. How cohesive are the elements?

A logo consists of multiple elements including the font, abstract and, or representational art, and colors and they must blend into a whole in order for the design to be effective.

8. Will the logo be scalable?

A complex logo with many elements that may look good on a billboard or on packaging may not make the translation to a business card. If it does not, then it is not an effective logo. A logo should look good and send the message whether it is large or small.

9. How memorable is the logo?

If the logo is not something that will be easily remembered and identified with a company it will fail to perform an essential function for the company and that is to be memorable.

Pulling these essential elements into a logo that represents a brand or business effectively is not easily done by the amateur but it is essential if the logo is to be effective.

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