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The Must Know Facts about Website Redesign Costs

The Must Know Facts about Website Redesign Costs

In every website's life there comes a time when redesigning is almost a necessity. The successful business needs a site that is in keeping with their growth and their vision. A fresh look to an established website can provide the visitor with amenities and utilize newer means of navigation and product presentation.

However, when investigating the cost of website redesigns the site owner may be taken aback by the costs. It is important to the business owner to know what is being done and how it will be charged. Based on this knowledge they can decide if the expenditure might be excessive or is appropriate. Every website is different and the redesign needed will differ as well but here are some of the factors that go into determining just what the cost of a website makeover will be.

Scripts Add Value and Cost to a Website's Redesign

New scripts can add a greater functionality to a website. A smarter search engine, an email newsletter or a better shopping cart can increase sales, but they will also add to the cost of the website redesign.

Adding Flash Will Cost

Graphics are by no means the highest cost usually in a website but flash can certainly add appeal to a website and it will definitely add to the cost.

The Number of Pages on a Website Influences the Cost

Larger websites with many more pages will cost more to redesign. There is more work involved but it can certainly bring more appeal to the site and keep it current. Redesigning only part of the pages might bring down costs but it will break the site continuity and dropping pages from the site may lose the site search engine traffic and actually work against the site. In other words, it is usually best to do it all, or do none, as half a job is not going to achieve the results a site redesign should.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Will Add to Cost

Optimizing a website for the search engines is essential. It will add to the cost of the redesign but it will if done correctly, increase the website visibility and traffic as well. Search engine optimization is not an extra or a frill, it is essential for growth.

Maximize your Website Redesign by Making the Hard Choices

In essence, every feature that a website has added will add to the cost of the redesign. However, there are firm reasons for adding new features. Numbering among these reasons is increased website visibility through SEO, increased user satisfaction, and increased sales. More traffic means more sales, an easier navigation and search features can increase sales, adding flash and interactive media can benefit some sites. Understanding what these costs are, and evaluating them is part of the website redesign process, and knowing which features you feel will benefit you most can bring you closer to deciding how many features your website needs and what changes will benefit your business and brand most.

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